Saturday, December 8, 2012

This is the first blog I've ever written. Ever. So bear with me.

I've read a ridiculous amount of erotic romances in the last 8 months, however, because these books are mostly erotic, BDSM, kink, whatever... it's not exactly an appropriate conversation topic among my family and friends. The folks who would talk to me about this stuff haven't read the books, so it's a one-way conversation. So, I decided, as long as I'm having a one-way conversation, I might as well blog it.

I, personally, enjoy stories with dominant men and submissive women the most, so that's going to be the bulk of the types of stories I review here. There will be spoilers. I might alert you or maybe not. Read at your own risk.

I'll admit that what inspired my erotica-reading kick was the craze over Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone was talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and since all the cool kids were reading it, I read it too. FSOG also opened my eyes to the erotica genre. I had no idea such books existed! I mean, I knew about Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy and The Story of O (which, believe it or not, I haven't read), but I had no idea how abundant the erotica (BDSM erotica included) genre is and it led me to discover some wonderful authors such as Joey W. Hill, Cherise Sinclair, Annabel Joseph, Sierra Cartwright, and Kallypso Masters to name a few. So... for that I would award Fifty Shades of Grey the "Gateway Book" award.

And actual review for the Fifty Shades of Grey coming up.