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If you are an author who writes Male Dom/ Alpha Male Erotic Romance, Dark Erotica or Short Erotica and would like me to review your book please send me an email here. Please understand that I will always write an honest review.

The actual genre does not matter to me - Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary... etc., it's all good as long as the dynamic is dominant male, submissive(ish) female.

The Hot Seat 

Dear authors,

I want to get to know you! Not in a creepy stalker kind of way. I want to get to know you in a healthy curious-about-the-authors-I-love-so-much kind of way. I want to put you in The Hot Seat so you would tell us (the readers) things we all want to know. Like, what's your favorite pair of undies? (Describe or take a picture.) Which pen name option was your close second and why didn't it make the cut? What song am I most likely to hear you sing in the shower? (That is if I was a stalker type and spied on you in the shower, which I'm so NOT! Cause if I was, I wouldn't ask... I'd already know.) And, of course, what is the most appropriate food to pair with orange juice?

Now that I've put your fears to rest and you know what to expect when appearing in The Hot Seat, please email me here if you would like to participate.


Remember how in About Me I promised to subject you to "maybe good or maybe bad writing?" Well, I was referring to my own writing when I said that. The good news is that sometimes you are guaranteed to be subjected to only good writing. That's when I feature snippets from guest authors and their lovely works. There will be a new snippet each week either from a guest author or me.

If you are one of those lovely authors who has lovely works that you would like to share snippets of on my blog, please email me here.

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