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I like puppies, kittens and porn. Not necessarily in that order and definitely not together. Well, maybe kittens and puppies together... Anyway, I’m also a voracious reader. I love erotic romance and, in fact, have an unhealthy addiction that my husband reluctantly supports. Thank you credit card and “buy with one click” option from Amazon! LOVE it. Seriously, though, I’m a stay-at-home-mom and hubs gets that I have plenty of time on my hands and, given my sadomasochistic proclivities and sexually submissive preferences, it’s not much of a mental leap to understand my love for erotica (and porn, I love porn). This is my brain candy.

So I’ve devoured hundreds (maybe more, I’m scared to count) of Erotic Romance books within the last year and I realized that I just needed to talk about them or my head would explode! Hence, *drumroll* the blog. Congratulations, you will now get to listen to all my crazy musings, reviews and rants, social commentary and snippets of maybe good or maybe bad writing.

When it comes to romance books, I have a definite preference for unequal power dynamics, BDSM and anything fetish and taboo. My particular kink is where the power slants to the alpha male and the female submits, sometimes willingly and sometimes not quite so (it’s fantasy, after all). And so when I look for a book to read and find a new author, I want to know whether there will be that power slant… the right nuance… the right feel… for me. Cause that’s what I like.

And if you’re here reading this then you should know that I will rate books based on the authenticity of the power dynamic as perceived by me (in addition to actual writing quality, storyline, editing, etc)… Opinion. Though based on real life experience as well - which is how my profile picture happened. I lived the lifestyle, did lots of exploring and was in a 24/7 poly D/s relationship for four years. 

I’m cool with all things kink, but what really gets me is a good old fashioned Dominant man. A man who only needs to give that look, say something in that tone of voice, strategically place the hand… on the nape or wrist and the panties get soaked. I look for that in the fictional domly types and the authors who get that will always get accolades from me! Well, if the rest of the story manages to hold my interest.

So …

The focus of my blog will be on reviewing Erotic Romance, BDSM, kink, and in some cases vanilla love stories, but the majority will have that alpha male lead. If I happen to review a book outside of this, I will warn you. Don’t you worry.

More about me - Why Haydee?

Because I'm one of those people who gets very self-conscious about writing things and putting them up on the internet for public scrutiny, I am very grateful to have a second pair of eyes to look over things before they go up. A very special thank you to Vixen, who is doing a lot of hand-holding, encouraging, and proofreading. Check out her blog, The Mad Musings of a Chocoholic Writer, though it has nothing to do with erotica or bdsm or books, it's a whole lot of funny on a boring day!

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