Friday, July 5, 2013

Changes - Official Moving Announcement

I have moved to: Come see me.

Maybe you've noticed some changes around here. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I'm doing some writing and proofreading/ book consulting (editing?) work. So this is an official announcement that I'm going to be doing a bit more with this blog than just reviews and author interviews. Don't get me wrong. I love doing reviews and author interviews. But I don't see myself being limited to that. 

When I first started this blog, I knew that I wanted to talk about the books I've been reading and that is what I had based this set-up on. But, as I've been doing this for a few months now and getting more involved in this community, I realized that I had to revise my goals and my vision over the long term. I've looked around and I'm not your typical book blogger (I love the book bloggers, you are all awesome, btw), but I don't fit the mold of recommendations, book news, giveaways, and author highlights. Which is why I've been hesitant to go full force with this blog the way I had it formatted before. It wasn't really me. It felt like something was missing. 

Now that I've had the opportunity to do some proofreading and some beta reading, I've realized that I am very good at that. I catch things that would otherwise slip through the cracks and then get caught by reviewers who pick at and, sometimes, tear up the stories. I'm no exception to that. As a reviewer, I don't hold back. Well, I hold back from being mean, but I don't hold back my honest critique. This made me realize that I'd much rather provide that critique before the work has been published, when there's still time to fix it, so that when the reviewers get a hold of it, they will rave, not grouse.

So I thought long and hard about this and the result is that I will continue to write reviews and share my oh-so-valuable opinions with you, but also there will be more writing and editing - shameless plug: Dear Indie Authors: As I said above, I am so good at the editing and don't you want me to point out all the weaknesses in your story before the book is published and I'm forced to comment on it in my review? Of course, you would! I'm directing this mostly at Indie Authors, because I realize that resources are limited and budgets are tight when there is no big publishing house funding your endeavors. So, I get that and my rates are very reasonable, specifically geared toward you. 

Okay, so that's out there now. 

The other HUGE change is that I'm changing my name to better reflect my heritage and who I am. Lina Sacher. Seems like a typical sounding name, right? Sure, that's part of why I chose it. If you can figure out the meaning and how it represents me, I'll totally give you a cookie. I'll bake it myself. In my oven. (That's what she said.)

And, yes, I know, another and... this is the final change, though - I'm moving! Yes, I'm moving to wordpress ( I love google and blogger has been good to me, but, since I'm changing everything and I have to switch everything over either way, I figured I'd switch to a more user friendly platform. No offense, blogger. You were good to me. I'm just not a tech whiz and you confounded me quite a few times. 


Things that will be the same: 

Reviews, opinions, The Hot Seat (author interviews), social commentary

Things that will be different: 

Editing services (Authors feel free to email me:
Writing - more information about my writing project coming soon(ish)

New blog home: Follow me there (please). Also go like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and stalk me on Goodreads

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