Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Pleasure Cruise by Michelle M. Pillow & Mandy M. Roth

Book: Pleasure Cruise
Pleasure Cruise Series, book #1
Authors: Michelle M. Pillow & Mandy M. Roth
Paranormal Romance

I just finished Pleasure Cruise and I can't say that I was so thrilled with it. It was good, but more like "eh, it was good." Not "wow, it was good!" There were some parts that need better editing, nothing too awful, but noticeable. 

The premise is fun - the powers that be decide that since the supernatural population is going down, they will interfere by bringing the supernaturals with their one ultimate mate from the human population so they may reproduce and live happily ever after, forever. Here's the blurb:

Clare needs to loosen up and have some fun--not to mention some hot sex with someone other than herself. Her best friend, Kira, knows exactly what she needs--a vacation full of hunky single men who'll knock her panties off. When she booked the cruise for Clare's birthday, the travel agent left out one tiny detail. It's a supernatural cruise, and they aren't getting off until they're married.

The powers that be are tired of waiting for the supernatural to find their own mates and reproduce. In a desperate act to get the dwindling population back up, they've decided to take matters into their own hands. Dominik, a lycan, and Braden, a vampire, are just the two perfect candidates to start this experiment. They're sexy, in the prime of their reproductive immortal lives and ready to mate--just as soon as they can seduce their unsuspecting brides, or at the very least, keep them from swimming back to shore.

The book starts off with a fun "office memo" from the powers that be that declares this new plan for matching the supernaturals with their human mates. It's cute and funny. Then we are introduced to the two main heroines of the book - Clare and Kira. They're best friends and are going on this cruise together. They had some fun banter going back and forth, teasing each other as they're waiting on line. However, after a while I just wanted to them to shut up and get on with the story. It was just too drawn out for my taste. Also, there was a part where Clare is asking Kira for sympathy and instead gets a whole lot of banter that seemed a bit more harsh than the situation called for. In fact, if Kira was my best friend, in that situation, my feelings would have been rather hurt. Maybe I'm just sensitive.

The two main heroes, Dominik and Braden are also best friends. I thought that was a little bit of an odd coincidence, but hey it's a fictional story, so go with it. I thought that a lycan and a vampire being best friends made them an odd couple, but again, fictional story, so whatever.

The story was alright, but everything happened very quickly and it was a bit too easy to get to the happily ever after. I wanted there to be some more angst, some more struggles to make it a bit more realistic. I'm not expecting a classic here, but I wanted a bit more introspection to happen before giving in to the fate as declared by the powers that be... I was a little disappointed that the paranormal part of the story didn't really play much of a role. It seemed like it was only part of the story to make the heroes more appealing, because vampires and alpha wolves are just hot. The sex was good. I didn't soak my panties, but I also didn't skip around to get past it. 

Overall, this was a quick, light read with some steamy interludes. I may check out the other books in this series, but they're not on my top priority list at this point.  

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