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Review: The Dom with a Safeword by Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, Cari Silverwood

Book: The Dom with a Safeword
Badass Brats #1
Authors: Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, Cari Silverwood
Erotic Romance, BDSM, Mff menage


Late at night, on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blonde Jude. The embers of attraction between them sizzle when they discover Jude’s kinks match their own. 

Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a bad-ass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it’s been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina. But the only way into Sabrina’s heart and panties may be with Jude’s fist wrapped in her hair.

Domming the bratty Q and mischievous Sabrina isn't going to be easy but Jude relishes the challenge. At the end of the summer, will they find a way to stay together when everything is tearing them apart?

I've read a lot of menage romance stories and this is the first menage (that I have read) with two females and one male. Not just two females, but two females who are genuinely bisexual and (gasp) like each other. Well, they have their moments of doubt and conflict and I'm not about to give away any endings for you, you have to read the book to find out whether love and bisexuality conquers all, but I can tell you that I really, really liked that they weren't using their girl on girl action to lure a guy. And that right there won me over, like, right away. For me, that's pretty damn awesome, cause I'm bisexual too and I like girls because they're pretty and smart and have girly bits that boys don't have and not because it's cool to say that I've Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry, in case you don't know the reference and dig yourself out from under that rock, my friend). 

When I first picked up this book, I honestly worried that there would be that catty jealousy vibe between Sabrina and Q or that they would be using each other to get to Jude. It's a common theme and it's unfortunate, but our culture promotes that as well. [Just hitting the pause button for a second to make an observation about our culture. It'll tie back in, I promise.] Have you ever noticed how it's okay when hot girls kiss and grind up on each other on the dance floor and how guys start to drool and lose the ability to speak in complete sentences when said girls do this? Well, I'm pretty sensitive to that, because I've had to deal with my share of girls who would try to use my interest in them to get a guy interested in them. Sounds kind of convoluted, but it happens too often. So, when I read about Sabrina and Q, I was very happy to discover that was not the case here. (See? Tied right back in.)

I was also very impressed with the authors' ability to depict all the complexity involved in a menage situation, especially one with two ladies who each have their own unique issues to contend with. What I really liked is that all the characters, Jude, Sabrina and Q were very likable. I was rooting for them, which is important to me when reading a romance story. I need to be invested in the characters, otherwise, I really don't care whether they have a HEA or not and that kind of spoils the book for me. In this case, I cared. I could totally relate to Sabrina's big judgemental family predicament and Q's masochistic tendencies and feeling like an outsider. I can't say that I related much to Jude, since I've never been a medical student or a boy and I won't pretend like I didn't want to smack him when he caused some massive hurt that could have been easily avoided if he would have just tuned into his feelings. But he needed to play a typical thick-skulled male so we wouldn't get too lost in the fantasy and think he's perfect. So I forgive him. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the book - it was well written, it was fun to read, you could really tell that Jude, Sabrina and Q really liked each other and had fun together. There was lots of hot sex and BDSM scenes. I liked how Jude handled all the brattiness, it was well done. I'm not usually a fan of bratty behavior, it's too attention-seeking, but it worked here and a lot of it was playful. I also really liked that there was creativity and diversity in the sex/BDSM scenes. That always adds to the hotness factor for me. I liked that I couldn't always predict where the scene was going and what Jude would do next or how his brats would react to it. There was genuine affection and camaraderie and moments of sadness that were balanced out with moments of pure joy. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun menage romance story with hot sex (f/f and M/ff scenes). And if you like ghosts. You should read this story if you like ghosts.  

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