Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Spank and Run by Renee Rose from Coming to Terms Anthology

Book: Spank and Run 
Coming to Terms Anthology
Author: Renee Rose
Short Erotic Romance, Domestic Discipline, Spanking

Blurb for Coming to Terms:

Summer means more than fun and sun, rest and relaxation. For the couples in Coming to Terms, vacation presents a chance to connect, and work through important issues in their domestic discipline relationships. From endeavoring to define DD to missing a DD partner to balancing erotic spanking and disciplinary spanking, these stand-alone stories penned by seven authors of spanking fiction cover a broad spectrum of issues commonly encountered in loving DD relationships. Will the obstacles prove too difficult to overcome? Or will each couple emerge from vacation with their relationships revitalized and stronger than ever?

Blurb from Spank and Run:

One moment Claire's life was perfectly normal, in a living alone, vanilla sort of way. In the next, her casita was torn apart in a burglary, her client (the mayor of her small town) discovered her spanking implements, and she was over his knee for a bare-bottomed hairbrushing! But despite her overwhelming attraction to Luis Valdez, the tall, handsome politician who had taken an interest in her backside, Claire doesn't roll that way. She wants a serious, domestic discipline relationship — not just erotic spanky fun. Can she and the mayor come to terms? 

This was a great short Domestic Discipline story. It had everything from a solid explanation of what DD is all about and how it differs from just being kinky and enjoying a fun spanking for titillation or BDSM in general. Essentially, that it's about discipline and not about the titillation, although the titillation might be a side affect. The characters - Claire and Luis are great. Claire is a young professional who is dealing with some hurts from the past. Luis is the mayor of their town and easily assumes the position of authority in a crisis when Claire's house is burglarized. From there we're taken along on their journey of discovery - discovering each other, their wants and needs and whether these wants and needs are compatible. There's fun and angst and lots of sexy time. I got everything I wanted out of this story.   

Other stories in Coming to Terms include:

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