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Review: On His Terms by Sierra Cartwright

Book: On His Terms
Mastered #2
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM


It was business only… Chelsea Barton is terrible at the whole submission thing, and she wants to snare the Dom of her dreams. She seeks out the renowned trainer Master Alexander. Alex has his hands full with Chelsea, especially when he realises he doesn’t want to turn her over to another man…

Damn, damn, and double damn. This was so not supposed to happen.

Chelsea Barton always gets what she wants, and she wants the up and coming rocker Evan C to accept her as his sub. But her performance always disappoints him.

Determined to have her way, she begs Master Alexander Monahan to train her.

Alex has given up training submissives, and no matter what, he would not work with someone as bold, headstrong, and stubborn as Chelsea.

But there’s something about her that intrigues and impresses him, an enthusiasm that is missing from his too-dull life. Under very strict guidelines he agrees. She has to try her best. She has to submit uncomplainingly to his punishments. And there’s a two week obligation, after which they will part ways. Being a trainer is a very different relationship than a D/s, and despite his intentions to remain aloof, he starts to care deeply for the headstrong Chelsea.

Chelsea unhesitatingly agrees to Master Alexander’s rules, after all, he’s going to give her the skills she needs to get what she wants. But, damn it, the longer she trains with him, the more she is attracted to his rugged good look as well as to his firm, but relentless ways. She reminds herself of her goals, but that becomes more difficult every day.

For Alex, falling for a sub who will belong to another man was never part of the deal.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

Reader Advisory: This book can be read as a standalone, but is also part of the Mastered series.

Let me just preface this review by saying that I really enjoy Sierra Cartwright's writing. I've read everything she has out with the exception of the Hawkeye series (it just somehow escaped me). I like Sierra's overall style and her ability to write good BDSM that is realistic and safe, yet is still hot and engaging. My favorites by Sierra Cartwright are Bound and Determined (it's capture fantasy with some dubious consent and a hot Irishman), In The Zone, and, of course, Doms of Dark Haven 1 & 2 (that includes Belinda McBride's and Cherise Sinclair's stories as well) they're all great and I'll put them on my Recommended Read List (once I create it).

Okay now on to On His Terms. The story is about Chelsea, an ambitious professional woman who has her sights set on Master Evan C as both a Dominant and a potential client for her PR firm. Since he prefers his submissives already experienced, she seeks out Master Alexander to train her how to be a proper submissive. Master Alexander is reluctant at first, but she is relentless in her pursuit and wears him down. Most of the story is about the training and it's very informative in BDSM terms. Master Alexander always described his intentions, his next move and the why and the how. There were times I wanted him to stop talking about it and just do it. But I do understand that his intention in full disclosure was to create anticipation and sometimes inspire dread in his submissive (Chelsea) and still gain her consent, i.e. informed submission. Sometimes that's harder and since his goal was to teach her about submission, this made sense. And he always got to the doing and the doing was always panty-melting.

The sex between them was definitely hot. Though, again, sometimes I wished for less talk and more action. They always got to the action, so maybe I should just say less talk, cause the action itself was perfect. Some of their dialogue felt a little dry and clipped and, possibly, too formal, even during their intimate encounters. That could be a cultural difference, since the author is English. I wouldn't comment on this if the story was set in Europe because it would feel more authentic (to me) that way. However, since the story was set in Colorado... it just would have felt more natural if the dialogue had a more casual or relaxed feel. Having said that - it didn't detract from the story.

I liked the overall feel of the book - it was well written and I enjoyed the story. I loved the dynamic between Master Alexander and Chelsea. The D/s dynamic was well written and conveyed all those conflicting emotions that a submissive would go through while coming to terms with her desires. But then I knew that Sierra Cartwright would get those things right and she didn't disappoint. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a hot read with lots of well written BDSM and an alpha male lead. And I'm looking forward to the next installment in the Mastered series.

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