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Review: Rare Vintage (Brotherhood of the Blood #2) by Bianca D'Arc

Book: Rare Vintage
Brotherhood of the Blood #2
Author: Bianca D'Arc
Paranormal, Short Erotic Romance


This is a revised version of the originally published work.

She would give her life to save his, but can he save her from himself? 

As the new Gal Friday at Atticus Maxwell-s winery, Kelly is grateful for the much-needed job, and delighted to be working with her best friend Lissa. What she doesn-t need is the exasperation brought on by Marc LaTour-s constant flirting. Yet she can-t deny she is drawn to the mysterious, unsettling Master vampire.

After six hundreds years of searching, Marc has resigned himself to the fact that he-ll never find his One. Kelly is under Atticus and Lissa-s protection, and therefore off limits. Yet the desire to possess her is too strong to resist. Curiosity leads to lust-and the surprising discovery that they indeed could be destined mates.

But a dark cloud hangs heavy over them. A rival vampire has challenged Marc for leadership-a challenge that involves a fight to the death. The cost of survival could forever poison any hope for a future together, but if they can both pass the final test, they could find love that will last for eternity. 

Warning: This book contains graphic language, hot neck biting, outrageous flirting and undeniable lust.

Just as I said with One and Only, the first book, this was a short read. However, unlike the first book, I suffered through it. I was done with it about halfway through and only finished it because it was short and I felt that I needed to get to the end in case there was something there to redeem this series for me. Sadly, I didn't find this elusive redemption. 

Same as One and Only, I think that if you read the synopsis above, you can just skip the book, unless you want to read about some vampire sex. For me, because the character and story development was so lacking, I couldn't get into the sexy parts... I didn't really care, because I couldn't feel the connection. They were each others' destined mates and so everything was pretty much instantaneous for them, just like Atticus and Lissa. As soon as they fucked they knew they loved each other and that was that. No struggle or anticipation. And, honestly, the lovey parts read like this to me: he was all like "I love you!"  and she was all like "I love you!" and he was all like "I love you more!" and she was all like "I love YOU more!" And I was all like "shut up and FUCK her already! Preferably in the ass." Nothing says "I love you" like some ass sex. Sadly, there was no ass sex. There were promises for dark delights that Marc was going to initiate Kelly into, but aside from a light slap on her ass nothing really outlandish happened. 

Okay, I have nothing against people proclaiming their undying love for each other. I really don't. I just wanted to experience their love, not be told about it. That's why we read these books - we want to feel something and aside from some mild irritation I can't say I felt much. I wished for some more struggle, more action, more passion ... just more. 

Let's talk action. This is where I ask, what action?? There was supposed to be this big challenge with a rival, but again, if you read the synopsis then you read the details of the challenge and the fight. It was completely glossed over. I was disappointed. Which is pretty much how I felt about the whole story.

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