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Review: Were Trilogy by: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Series: Were Trilogy 
Books: Were She Belongs
Were Love Found Her
Were Love Conquers All
Author: Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Paranormal Romance, Menage

 After being abducted, Lexi is unable to escape and about to be murdered. Growls…bodies flying…the next thing she knows, she’s staring into the eyes of some sexy wolf she met at the club.

Her old friend Sierra helped save her, along with three very sexy and intimidating Alpha males. Although they are triplets, Lexi soon finds out that they are just as powerful individually as they are together. But she’s never really belonged, and all she can give them is danger and pain.

Paul, Saber and Andre have found their mate, and they’re ready to claim her body and soul. The one problem…Lexi trusts no one. She’s lived on the streets, survived on her own, and she’s not about to be pampered. They know she’s in danger and that she’s safest with them.

It’s going to take some sneaky, dominant sexual tactics to convince Lexi she’s where she belongs.

The Sinclair, McFay and Crimson wolf packs are not out of danger.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Lexi’s cousins, Jacob and Troy Crimson, are about to be murdered. As they join the party in their club, VALERIES, they are attacked. If not for the quick reflexes of one sexy blonde, Jacob would have been killed by the blade of silver.

Antoinette is stunned by her reaction to the two Alphas and finds herself in a heap of trouble, quadruple style. Not two, but four Alpha males claim her for their mate, and she’s not sure how to handle them.

There’s an evil force set on destroying all Alphas and ruling the world. He wants to obliterate the Circle of Elders and sets his sights on destroying the Crimson, McFay and Sinclair packs.

The battle has begun, and both Lexi and Antoinette must combine their powers, with the help of their Alpha mates, to destroy the evil force before their packs are annihilated.

Princess Charity Mossano of Milan is the Chosen One. She is forced to remain in hiding as a magical rogue wolf named Devlon continues to hunt her. He wants to mate her to gain her powers, destroy the circle of elders, and rule the world. She establishes Caliber, a security firm, to protect the last Royal were family, the Venificus triplets. Maximus, Luther, and Dante are individually powerful and dominant males. They get what they want and are superior in battle, in wealth, and in charm.

Fate leads Charity to the Royal Venificus estate. She realizes that the three handsome, powerful royal Alphas are her mates. While there, someone Devlon is working with attempts to kill Dante. She reveals herself and the battle of all times begins. With the help of her spirit sisters, Lexi and Antoinette, along with their Alpha mates, Charity must fight the evil villains and save the world.

This is going to be a 3-in-1 review, cause the whole trilogy is, essentially, the same book. And for the purposes of the review I'll treat it as one entity and post this same review under all three books. 

This trilogy had so much potential to be great! The concept is fun and sexy and has some adventure. However, the execution was a little painful (no pun intended). This was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, because I liked the story and actually read all three books, which is why I gave it 2 stars. But I couldn't give it more than 2 stars, because the writing was awful.  

All three books have heroines who are sexually inexperienced, independent women who had to survive on their own. All the heroes are Alpha wolves... blah blah blah. I get that cliches work and people like them. I read the books, so I'm no exception. However, a little variation here would have been appreciated. Also, the sex scenes were so repetitive that I had to start skipping over them. A little bit of creativity could have gone a long way.

What drove me crazy with this author is that everyone "states" everything. When I imagine someone "stating" something, I think of an authoritative, matter of fact type of statement. Kind of deadpan, even. Dixie Lynn Dwyer, however, thinks that everyone can state anything in any context. 

"I love you," he stated.  ... deadpan ... 
In the heat of passion ... "Mine," he stated... umm in the heat of passion, I'd expect him to growl it. He's a wolf for god's sake!

And just so you don't think my snarkiness is unjustified, I had my e-reader count the number of times "state," "stated," or "statement" appeared in all three books - Were She Belongs, Were Love Found Her, and Were Love Conquers All - and the combined number is over 400 times. That's scary. 

Other quotes that make me sad:

"His eyes roamed over the cleavage of her chest..." as opposed to the cleavage of her ... ass? do we really need that distinction? I'd let it go, if it only happened once, but... 

"Charity awoke, finding all three brothers holding her stare." umm... does she have three sets of eyes? 

Also, Dixie Lynn Dwyer likes for her characters to "lock gazes." A lot. Folks were locking gazes left, right and sideways. In all three books there were a total 56 "locked gazes."

"She moaned and withered from the triple onslaught of sensations..." withered? that is not a word I'd associate with mind-blowing pleasure, more like slow horrifying death. 

These are just some examples from all three books, I can go on. But I'll stop. I think you get the point. 

I gave the trilogy two stars because I really wanted to like it. I actually finished it and the story itself had potential. But the writing was just ... not good. I tried out some books from Dixie Lynn Dwyer's other series and it's just more of the same.

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